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SAGA: Normans / Normanowie

Hello everyone!

Today On DwarfCrypt a few news. New Look and Normans.
I decided to slightly refresh the look of the site with the new motive proposed.Blogger went to the designs proposed by Wordpress, preserving (or not) a part of himself.
With nasty surprises, the G + 1 button is not displayed under every post.It is in the settings as active, but some fukkup is and the page is missing :) There is a "udostępnij" option that allows you to quickly and easily share content (like Google+). Unfortunately I can not change this to English "share".
With the exception of this aspect, all the functionality as before in a fresh and modern form :)

The second issue is the Norman title (although they may be successfully participated in the first Crusade and Reconquest knights in its first decades) and several figures I decided to refresh and paint.
Figures come from Crusader Miniatures and in my opinion they are pretty nice. Nice variation from plastic Norman.In the photos also …

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