Noble Knights at rest, 13th century - inboxing (Medbury miniatures) (Noble Art Creation mini.painting & 3d printing studio)


Hello friends!

It's time for a little 3d print inboxing today (admittedly, I already have 20 entries ahead - but I have to show off such nice designs first!). 
I ordered a few models of knights from my friend Marcin's printing house. Models comes from Medbury miniatures and They're printed in 8k.

       3D models are still magic for me - I have great sentiment and respect for physical sculptors but I will try it from time to time - just look at how pretty these figures are!

Most likely I will paint them as Crusaders :)

       Check Marcin's printing house (sending to all the world... almost) ==> Noble Art Creation mini.painting & 3d printing studio

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  1. Piękny detal Michał. Jestem ciekaw jak będą się prezentować po malowaniu.


  2. Very nice selection of figs. I've added Medbury Miniatures to my list of 3D sculptors I follow, and may well now pounce upon a few of their STLs.

    1. Thank you.
      Yes. They have many interesting designs.
      Best regards

  3. Lovely looking figures although I’m not normally a fan of printed minis


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