The One Ring: Boromir, Followshiper of The Ring (Rangers of Shadow Deep Miniature)


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The second entry in the series about my new personal project The One Ring today, dealing with the atmosphere of The Lord of the Rings by. J.R.R. Tolkien.
After Aragorn, Boromir today!

Boromir was born in 2978 of the Third Age, five years before his brother Faramir. The brothers loved each other dearly, there was never any competition between them for the favors of the father, governor of Gondor, Denethor II. 

On the eve of Sauron's attack on Osgiliath, the brothers had a dream.
They had seen the sky become dark in the east and a storm rose over it. In the west, on the other hand, they saw a pale light and a distant voice. This voice cried out to them:

"Seek for the Sword that was broken,
In Imladris it dwells,
There shall be counsels taken,
Stronger than Morgul-spells.
There shall be shown a token,
That Doom is near at hand,
For Isildur's Bane shall waken,
And the Halfling forth shall stand".

Both could not understand these words, so they turned to their father Denethor for help.
The governor explained to them that Imladris was an ancient name given by the elves to the valley of Rivendell. Desperate, Faramir decided to go north to the home of Elrond the half-elf, but the expedition seemed too dangerous, so Boromir took on this task.
His father recoiled many times before he let him move.

        The next day (June 20, 3018), Mordor's troops struck Osgiliath. Boromir commanded the defense of the last bridge until it was demolished after the last survivors of Gondor had passed through. Only four people managed to survive: Boromir, Faramir, and two companions, throwing themselves into the Anduin River and swimming it.

The Council of Elrond

Boromir's expedition to Rivendell began on July 4, 3018 and lasted one hundred and ten days. Sometime after his arrival, a great conference took place at Elrond's house.

        During its duration, Boromir discovered the solution to the mystery, presented the situation in which the kingdom of Gondor in the south was found, and learned about the power of the One Ring. He also suggested using the artifact against the Lord of Darkness and asked for it to be delivered to Minas Tirith. Elrond rejected his proposal, saying that everything that he has done turns to bad...

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  1. Boromir prezentuje się bardzo dobrze Michał.
    Model bardzo podobny do filmowego bohatera.
    Czekam na więcej.

    1. Dziękuję bardzo :-)
      Następnym razem grupa elfów :-)

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  3. Skomplikowana postać. Ciekawa figurka, choć bliska filmowi. I znów przenosisz nas do Środziemia w pięknym stylu.

  4. Another great addition to the Tolkien collection, superb paintwork as always Michal!

  5. What a fantastic rendition of the character! He looks imposing, I love what you did here :)

  6. Excellent stuff! That freehand on the shield is spot on!

  7. Your LOTR work is mightily impressive!

  8. beautiful, as always and done with your usual aplomb,

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  10. Świetny model! Tylko ja bym go lekko skonwertował i dodał kilka strzał sterczących z torsu. ;)

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  11. Great stuff Michal! That shield, wow!

  12. Spot on character painting, Michal! Masterful brushwork as always.

  13. Splendid looking painting as always!
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  14. Another success, well done!


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