Monjirō of the Cold Wind (Bac Ninh Miniatures)



Another model from Bac Ninh Miniatures today. My version of the famous culture (and Japanese pop culture) Monjirō of the Cold Wind !

       Thanks to Bac Ninh Miniatures, I deepen my knowledge of Japanese culture through figurines - not obvious like civil wars, samurai, shoguns, etc.
       Recently I'm in love with the Edo Period (1600 - 1868) - for which I painted a few models and a few more are waiting in line (or are already painted - because I don't know when I will publish this entry)

I tried to make a wet id raincoat - I guess it's ok?

Sculpt by Stavros Zouliatis

Kogarashi Monjirō (木枯し紋次郎, lit. "Monjirō of the Cold Wind") is the main character and title of a Japanese novel by Saho Sasazawa, probably best known in the televised version broadcast during prime-time in 1972–1973, directed by Kon Ichikawa.
In 1993, the drama was made into a film, titled Kaettekita Kogarashi Monjirō.

       The character is known for always having a long toothpick protruding from his mouth, which sometimes served as a weapon. He wears a weather-beaten sandogasa hat (type of kasa hat), and a dingy kappa cloak.

He also has a famous punch line, which was "Asshi ni wa kakawari no nei koto de gozansu "It's nothing to do with me" or "It does not concern me", and characterized as a "nihilistic gambler" or "nihilistic wandering outlaw hero".

       He is a wanderer (watari-mono), and a skilled swordsman, who winds up aiding people he meets in his wayfaring journey, but he maintains he does not act out of altruism or sense of justice, but only retaliates against those who provoke his anger.

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  1. Kolejny doskonały Japończyk Michał. Brawo.

  2. Dobre malowanie i fajne podstawki.

  3. Beautifully done Michal although not my period 🤔

  4. Superb paint work as usual Michal - well done!

  5. Excellent work on the figures.

  6. Quite iconic, I love it!

  7. "Bawisz i uczysz" powiedziałbym - nie dość, że można bardzo ładne figurki u Ciebie obejrzeć, to jeszcze się czegoś o historii dowiedzieć!

  8. Great paint job Michal! In fact you should do a version that has the bright orange/blue color scheme like in the poster.

  9. An unusual figure and a great addition to the civilian population.

  10. I didn't knew that brand thanks and good work !


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