Claymore Castings OT55 Double Handed Weapon Armed Infantry 4 (INBOXING)

Hello and welcome to the new year!

At first, I would like to wish you all the best in the new year.
Above all health and return to normal! Then a lot of fun with the hobby! Let your cupboards of shame with unpainted models disappear and the shelves filled with new figurines!
Such a paradox  :)

DwarfCrypt is essentially unchanged this year. You can still count on several entries a month, if the kids will allow :)
       There will definitely be no place for models from Age of Sigmar. The next year will not harm this creation of GW.  There will be a lot of oldhammer and army building with the WFB 6th edition in mind.

In addition, a lot of wonders from DUNKELDORF MINIATURES and, invariably, a large dose of historical figures - probably this year with an emphasis on the Middle Ages.

Today, however, I will unpack the set that came to me just before Christmas.
Figures from one of my favorite companies - Claymore Castings, this time armed with two-handed weapons.

So what we have inside?

  • 4 miniatures;
  • 4  double handed weapon.

Everything in a 28mm scale (true 28mm) and cast in "white metal".
The overall look is very, very cool. In addition to static models, we also have those in full battle hustle and bustle.

The only thing that can be a problem is not to drill minis hands.
Fitting a two-handed weapon without a spin is a challenge.

The unit will proudly join my project Mikołaj Powała from Taczew's armed men.
You can use them in many games and systems - from Mordheim, through Bretonnia to Lion Rampant.

Here are the photos of the kit and painted already one armed!

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  1. Splendid additions Michal, well done...and Bonne année!

  2. Pomyślności! Modele świetne.

  3. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, Michal!
    Your plans sound great! Can’t wait to see the results:)

  4. Niesamowita rzeźba tych figurek, do tego dodatkowo efekt Twojej pracy. Razem daje to efekt piorunujący. Gratuluję. Olej GW, maluj średniowiecze ;)

    1. Dziękuję. Chyba się spełni, bo przyjemnie mi się ich maluję :))

  5. Prezentują się niesamowicie, szczególnie po pomalowaniu.

  6. Great start to the new year, Michal!

  7. Piękna robota!Bardzo charakterystyczne postacie okazały się!

  8. Nice unboxing and good paint job Michal! Bonne Année ;) !

  9. Happy new year Michal ! All the best for you and your tribe ;)

    1. Thank you so much!
      All the best for you and yours!

  10. Wonderful start to the new year, great sculps and superb brushwork (as always).

    1. Thank you very much for a kind words sir!
      All the best!

  11. Happy New Year, Michal!
    I'm happy to hear that you've got a lot of Oldhammer planned for the coming year. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
    All the best to you and your family, my friend!

    1. Thank You so much Matt!
      All the best for You and Yours!

  12. A belated Happy and Safe New Year to you and your loved ones Michal :)

  13. Had never seen Claymore Castings before until I saw you on twitter, look great. Just ordered some, 👌


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