Unlikely Allies inboxing (Test of Honour) (Grey For Now Games)


Hello friends!

I invite you today to the first  Grey For Now Games  inboxing set.
Gray For Now Games is the publisher of the excellent game Test of Honour, set in feudal Japan.

       It is true that I already paint a few smaller blisters from this publisher, but I thought that such a large and atmospheric set deserves a separate entry.

What inside?

  • Hostess - elegant proprietor - don't underestimate her!.
  • Ronin Marksman - crack shot with a musket.
  • Clan Envoy - high-ranking samurai, able to summon reinforcements.
  • Wise Old Man - with years of experience and local knowledge.
  • Priest - kneels in prayer to inspire his allies.
  • Ashigaru Deserter - hated by his former comrades.
  • Watchman - searches out enemies in the darkness.
  • Blacksmith - sharpens blades and hits things with hammers!
  •  18 gaming cards
  • bases
Metal castings are very nice and there is very little residue to cut off with a modeling knife.
I highly recommend it as a diversion to your Japanese Collections!

       The first miniature that I will paint will probably be the Priest or Ashigaru deserter (to my Ikko-Ikki), which I have already glued to the larger base.

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  1. They look crisp and detailed, can't wait to see them painted!

  2. Ciekawy zestaw Michale i jestem ciekaw co z nim stworzysz.

    1. Dzięki wielkie. Pierwszego już skończyłem :-)

  3. Fajne te modele, muszę w końcu rozciągnąć dobę i wyrwać trochę czasu na napisanie zasad dla Kitaju i Nipponu.

    1. Tak, mnogość ostatnimi laty modeli pasujących do Nipponu i Kitaju jest :)

  4. These look like a very detailed, sharp set of minis; looking forward to seeing you do your magic on them

    1. Thank You so much! First one is almost done :)
      warm regards

  5. Impressive as always, Michal. They have a very menacing look about them.


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