Japanese crucified prisoner (Inboxing) (Ronin) (Test of Honour)


Let me tell you that I am very happy with small and unexpected gifts!
Yes, and it was also in this case and the package from Alex (Instagramoriental_heroes), who moves in the climates of 80's GW inspired by feudal Japan and the folklore of the Land of the Rising Sun.

       I received an atmospheric figure of a crucified prisoner (yes, yes, crucifixion is not only the domain of the Romans).
Miniature is a resin one and and it's hard for me to say if Alex has more copies for sale.
Very "atmospheric" marker as well 🙂

Sculpt for Alex by one of my favourite artists Alessio Cisbani of Wolfbane-art (FB) and Wolfbane-art (Instagram)

Can't wait for painting 🙂


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  1. Interesting,if gruesome figure, apparently the Dominicans were getting nowhere in Japan when they were trying to convert people because of the negative views on crucifixion in Japan, it was only when the Jesuits got involved and pushed the crucifixion into the background that there were any numbers of converts.
    Best Iain

  2. That's a cool mini indeed, I'd love to see it painted! I had no idea of what Iain said, I find it interesting too! :)

  3. Very unusual piece and will make for a great conversations in games.

  4. Bardzo obiecujący model Michał. Nie mogę się doczekać, aż go pomalujesz.

  5. That's a bit different, really interested to see you work your magic on it Michal.

  6. Jeepers, that is one creepy miniature. It reminds me of the image of Astaroth from "To the Devil a Daughter", which is one of my favourite horror movies.

    1. Ha! I now it! :)
      Thank you so much sir!
      Best regards

  7. Unusual vignettes like this do add to the atmosphere of the gaming table, I look forward to seeing you paint it up, Michal.

  8. It is a miniature with a lot of potential, perfect to use as a marker or objective in a game, or to be part of the decoration of a game table.

    I really want to see how you face the challenge of painting it.

  9. It's certainly a very detailed sculpted mini. Looking forward to see you paint it.


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