Torch & Shield's Dwarf Buldahr Clan inboxing (Grimskald)



A little inboxing today! Thanks to GRIMSKALD team I can show you a few dwarves of Buldahr clan from incoming Torch & Shield, a Tactical skirmish miniature game set in the ruins of the Dwarven underworld.

In the game Torch & Shield, you build and paint a hardy delving crew of Dwarf warriors to search for treasure in the ruined halls of the fallen Dwarven empire.

You must choose your equipment well and carefully weigh your tactics if you are to defeat other players leading rival clans of their own. Most of all you must keep your torches burning, for when all the lights go out the monsters will come from the deep.

With a crunchy combat system, a unique Danger in the Dark mechanic, and random underworld events - no two games are the same.

And what We have in my Buldahr clan?

- 6 bases,
- 6 high details 30mm Celtic/Scottish/Slayers style dwarves (looking awesome!)

You choose how your warriors are armed, with your own selection of equipment to maximise your chances of success, or to play a specific strategy. Different equipment suits different battleplans!

Recruit mighty warriors to assist you with unique abilities, arcane weaponry and special skills you can activate.

For the upcoming Kickstarter, all of the miniatures will be available in Siocast plastic, in addition to also being as digital 3D printable versions.

Check Grimskald sit and FB site:

It's time for painting now!

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  1. Niesamowite wzory krasnoludów Michał. Nic tylko czekać na twoje malowania teraz.


  2. Looking nice, those minis look definitely ace!

  3. You've sold me on this one, Michal. It looks amazing. Definitely going to be following the KS with interest, as I will any painted pieces you plan to post. :-)

  4. Wow, naprawdę fajne. Gra również intersująca... a ja właśnie wprowadzam dzieciaki w HeroQuest :)
    Coloured Dust

    1. Ha! Nieźle! Moje szczęśliwie czasem coś pomalują ( pobrudzą farbą) ale jak trzeba coś z zasadami i regułami grać to jeszcze za mali i nie gotowi :)

  5. Very crisp details on these, though I will say they seem to be rather "samey". All the noses and facial features are similar, they are all fat.... I dunno, maybe they are all related to one another?

    I am sure with your lovely paintwork they will look better to me, but as bare resin-plastic I am not so sold right now.

    1. ha! Maybe the similarity is because they are from the same clan? gringe :)
      But they are actually powerfully built. We'll see how it turns out after painting.

  6. Nie dość, że całkiem przyjemna ta krasnoludzka ekipa, to jeszcze detale na figurkach jak żylety.

    Ciekawie też gra się zapowiada - lubię takie klimaty, choć patrząc prawdzie w oczy, tytułów teraz tyle, że we wszystko raczej niestety nie uda się zagrać.

    1. Tak zgadza się, co do detali jak i mnogości wszystkiego!


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