02 Hundred Hours: British SAS/Commandos: Highland Major or British Paratrooper HQ

Hello again!

Today's result of my repainting of a figure of a British commander in a kilt!

The model comes from the Artizan Designs - British Paratroopers line, but also fits as an alternative Highlander Major model to 02 Hundred Hours (although the original model is really great!)

Well, I originally painted the model in 2015 as a tribute to my British Paratroopers battalion from Operation Market Garden to Bolt Action.

After many years, I decided to repaint the originally painted models in 2015 and 2016 and refresh my army.

Hope You like a new version :)

Capt. James Ogilvie of D Squadron, No. 1 Wing, Glider Pilot Regiment, who famously wore his kilt to fly to Arnhem.  Ogilvie served in the Gordon Highlanders prior to volunteering as a Glider Pilot.  Photo from the Imperial War Museum (BU 1145).

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  1. Lovely rework Michal, although the 2015 version was very nice too! 👍 Got to love The Gordon Highlanders !!

  2. Great to see the upgrade Michal. I shall be coming here for inspiration when I get to mine.

    1. Thank you so much sir!
      It's thanks to your WWII miniatures, among other things, that I decided to continue painting mine :)

  3. Definitely an upgrade, Michal. Your highlights have definitely improved and bring a lot more of the sculpt's detail to the attention of the eye. Wonderful Paratrooper.

  4. Replies
    1. Tak jest! Choć to chyba takie rewolucyjno wolnościowe? ( choć mogę być w błędzie!) Na okazję walki z Anglikami:))

  5. Cool refurbishment: Captain Ogilvie got a lighter-toned camouflage, which fits in well with that of his new comrades-in-arms

  6. Great looking Paras, Michal! Artizan has a nice range of these.

  7. Fajny, nawet wzór tartanu widać!

  8. both versions are very nice; waaay better than I can do. 😁

  9. Mi się również wcześniejsza wersja podobała- nawet tak bym nie umiał ;-)



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